Monday, May 23, 2011

check it out...

if you like, you can go check out my first attempt at eBook publishing. it's priced right, free, and you can download it in any number of formats. it's two short stories, both of which have appeared before elsewhere, with a cover by Cyn. it's basically an experiment to see if my sorry ass old brains still work and I can am be learnding new thingses.

in the future, I think I'll probably put up some unpublished stuff for $0.99 or so, and maybe some longer stuff for a bit more. I'm thinking about putting up some of my out of print poetry books as well, but we'll see. farming is a shitload of work, and there isn't much time in the spring and summer for anything but survival.

you can find it H E R E.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

go hear this...

me reading an excerpt from Sunlight at Midnight backed by the guys in Noot d'Noot: H E R E (it's Episode 59). also, Scott McClanahan can be heard on the same podcast. that guy can write; you should check him out.