Wednesday, August 18, 2010

check it out...

hosho mccreesh was on lynn alexander's Full Of Crow radio with Harry Calhoun and others: HERE. he also has an e-chap at Right Hand Pointing: HERE. check em out...

Monday, August 09, 2010

fifteen years...

august 9. 1995 I was in a hotel room in Colorado for work, looking out at the rockies and getting ready to find a bar when I heard a plastic news head on the television speaking of good ol jerry in the past tense. my buddy said, dude, you need to come out here and listen to this. then the hotel phone rang and every dead head I knew was seized by the loss and shaken to their dancing bones.

it's strange when someone who is important to you but you don't really know dies. it's like a distant relative you met once but who left a lasting and inescapable impression upon you is now gone from the world. fortunately, we have a legacy of incomparable music to carry us forward, even now, fifteen years later.

"seems like all this life is just a dream..."

we still miss ya, jerry.