Saturday, March 12, 2011

ebooks and charity...

this is pretty cool: Jason, mine and Hosh's editor over at Orange Alert Press, has released our book of letters, as well as the other OA Press releases by Ben Tanzer and Jamie Iredell, as an eBook. it is priced at $5.35, but here is what's really cool: 25% of the proceeds go to benefit Open Books. check it out, they do good work. the other releases also donate to different charities so this is a good opportunity to discover new writers (if you've not read Ben or Jamie) as well as give to a good cause without actually having to do any work.

and isn't that what the internets are all about? but seriously, check out the books if you've not read em yet.

thanks. you can buy it H E R E.

(also, you can still get one of the last copies of the paperback (hardbacks are long gone) version of Sunlight at the above OA Press link for around $8, I think, if you're so inclined...)


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