Sunday, December 21, 2008

IGB sold out...

if you missed In Gambler's Blood, it's officially too late; the book, she is now sold out. thanks to those who supported KSE and the world of small press poetry. Poethound wrote a review of it, and Jason mentioned it on Orange Alert.

see the below post for my latest if you don't want to be sad, like you are right now because you missed one of these brilliant poetic issuances.

mountain air and xmas dog...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the place to buy one of mine...

thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy of A Sound To Drive Away The Coming Darkness so far, I hope you all enjoy the read.

if you've not yet managed to dig thru your cheeto-stained couch cushions for a lousy six bucks plus postage so you can put your gross, nasty hands upon a copy, CLICK HERE and you can somewhat recover from your terrible shame.

it won't make your more attractive or anything, but it will make me a couple of bucks in royalties, and isn't that reason enough?

go now. buy. read. become more than merely a knuckle dragging lifeform slithering thru a banal existence. poetry does that you know. ask justin.barrett; he's almost human these days...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

a new one...


at the end of a
long dirt road,
the small blue house
sits on a hill.

there is a creek nearby
and a sheer rock face
rising up from the other side.

a tree with silver bark
stands alone
down the hill
near the water,

near where she found the
hawk's feather.

over in the pasture,
crows are

and signs of wildlife
in the dense grass.

it is autumn. the leaves
are fire and wine.
the air is a razor, poised
and ready.

winter is coming.



Monday, December 01, 2008

fuck you suxby...

please: if you live in Georgia, GO VOTE TOMORROW and vote this piece of shit out of office.