Monday, July 27, 2009


with Hosho and I in re: Sunlight; you can check it out H E R E.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

lit shiz and other...

thanks to everyone who sent their kind words of support and consolation; it means a lot to us.


Kendra Steiner Editions just issued their latest offering, a joint chapbook of poems and photos by Luis C. Berriozabal and my lady Cynthia Etheridge. it's a well-done b/w affair featuring the usual stunning poetry of LCB coupled with textured, atmospheric photographs taken by Cyn. she also did the covers of two of my chaps, In Gambler's Blood (sold out) and A Sound To Drive Away The Coming Darkness (still available). you can read more about it or order your own copy of this limited release H E R E.

in the very near future, some of my work will be appearing in an anthology put together by William Taylor, Jr for Lummox Press along with Miles Bell, Hosho McCreesh, MK Chavez, Father Luke, Christopher Robin and Bill. this is a collection of some of Bill's favorite writers, and I'm honored to appear. the title of the anthology is Down This Crooked Road, taken from one of my poems, which is nice of Bill, and I'll post ordering info as soon as the book is available. I hope you google the above authors and find out more about their work if you don't know it; you'll be pleased with what you find...

one of my poems will be appearing in the forthcoming Bottle, an all broadside "magazine" from Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke Press. these are some of the finest broadsides you'll ever see, and mine is no exception. the title is blindstamped and the artwork is a four color letter pressed masterpiece of perfect interpretation. you can see it being printed H E R E and I have a few author's copies. I'll send a signed copy to the first TWO people who email me who aren't already getting a contrib. copy of Bottle.

Hosho and I will have the next section in the timeline of our letters published in BukScene #2 (you can read about #1 H E R E), due out in the near future. this segment covers the first couple months of 2003 and Hosh's time in Paris. if you've read Sunlight, you might be interested. again, I'll post info when the issue appears.

speaking of Sunlight, I just want to say thanks to all those who've emailed us and told us how much they enjoyed reading it. anyone who wants to take a small peek inside can click H E R E.

lastly, my new chap Death Is My Subject is forthcoming in the next month or two from Propaganda Press as part of their Pocket Protector Series. there will be links, I promise, when it's ready to roll.

okay for now. more later.