Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Rolling Stone has this little bit about our dear prez...

makes you wonder where the outrage is. I mean, I know where MINE is, but where is all of America's disgust with the horrorshow going on in Washington? I understand that the media is an ugly wasteland controlled by huge multinational conglomerates that have profit as their whole goddamned raison d'etre and therefore no interest whatsoever in furthering discourse, maintaining a healty democracy, healing partisan wounds, revealing TRUTH, exposing HYPOCRASY, demanding accountability, etc. etc. but SHIT. what the hell is going on here? how did the fog ever get so thick?

anyway, this is funny from in PA...

by Dan Gross | Tony S. likes 'Sanatorium'
SEN. RICK Santorum and HBO's fictional mob boss Tony Soprano have a lot in common.

On Sunday night's episode of "The Sopranos," Tony (James Gandolfini) told his shrink Dr. Melfi (Lorraine Bracco) that when it comes to homosexuality, he agrees with "that Sen. Sanatorium, who says if we let this stuff go too far, pretty soon we'll be f---ing dogs." Santorum, several years back, made similar remarks, only he used more delicate language than Tony did.

We called Santorum's office yesterday to ask if he was flattered about getting a shout-out on a popular show.

Apparently not.

"We're not gonna dignify that comment by commenting on it," said Santorum communications director Rob Traynham.

There also was a reference to Santorum on a recent "Veronica Mars" episode on UPN, in which a student blackmailing gay students used the alias "Rick Santorum."

Possibly the longest-lasting pop-culture reference to Santorum is that of sex columnist Dan Savage(carried here in Philadelphia Weekly), who started what's become a popular campaign to use the senator's surname to describe a byproduct of anal sex.

I don't know the proper use of the term, but it looks like our Crime Boss President has a bit of Santorum on his face.

more later...


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