Tuesday, April 11, 2006

fast one...

how bout this: the republican party is split on immigration. some want to shoot the mexicans and toss their poor corpses back across the border and damn their kids to hell. some realize that businesses in america make a SHITLOAD of money on the backs of immigrant labor, and they are not gonna give up the perks that come with passing legislation that greases the wheels for big campaign contributors. and business will not give up record profits by losing their slave labor.

(and it is bullshit that americans won't do these jobs. they just NEED TO MAKE A LIVING AT IT by getting appropriate wages. not ridiculous pay like the right would have you believe with their anti-union propaganda, etc., (all you have to do is compare the percentage increase in CEO salaries versus hourly wages...) but a LIVING WAGE like the REPUBLICAN Roosevelt suggested...you pay somebody '$50 an hour' like that lackey McCain suggested for picking lettuce and EVERYBODY will beat the farm doors down to get at those jobs...) (I'll do it for $30/hr right now...)

back to the topic: so, how does Rove get the party reelected in 06? he needs something...hmmmm ...something so big the rift in the party will be overshadowed. something huge and terrifying that will cow the already fear ridden populace into staying with the Criminal in Chief and his current spate of cronies and thugs...hmmmm...how bout NUCLEAR WAR? that do it? I think so. and it is SUCH posturing. though they are capable of anything, I don't think the generals will let it happen. I don't think they REALLY want to touch off world war three, and I don't believe that Bush is such an evangelical (he doesn't really believe that shit, if he did he would be terrified for his eternal SOUL at this point with all the bodies, lies, etc...) that he is trying to hasten the end of the world....you know, Israel has to be destroyed for jesus to come back on his magic carpet and toss salvation cookies to the docile idiots who gave so much and ignored so many and hurt so many and helped so few. and made so much...money.

and one more thing: I vomit with fear and loathing when I think of the Prez vowing to find the leaker in the Plame case, knowing KNOWING that HE was the leaker. KNOWING. sickening.

who knows? bombs or butterflies. either way, as robert hunter from the Dead put it, "nothing left to do but smile smile smile."



Blogger j.b said...

smile, and the world smiles with you.

fear, and what? the world fears with you? probably.

you say you don't think they'll do it (regarding nuclear war) but damn it Chris, i say i wouldn't put anything past them. even something as stupid as starting WWIII.

as for the next re-election. if another republican gets into office, it will mark the demise of the United States. might sound crazy, but i truly believe it.

it's time for a 3rd party of rational (and by rational i sincerely mean RATIONAL) individuals ready to run this country the way it NEEDS to be run. no more cowing to the big corporations. no more watering down of our civil liberties. and no more of this pseudo-religious bullshit.

6:37 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

well, read the latest..I now am way more convinced. GW has a Pat Robertson kind of evangelical streak, i.e. not really giving a tin shit about anyone or anything that stands in his own narrowminded way. I agree with the third party ideal, but the reality is that it wont happen anytime soon. at least, not until we rescind the corporate charter of most big companies and render them NOT PEOPLE ANY LONGER. shareholder does not equal citizen, nor does it equal human.


10:02 PM  
Blogger j.b said...

i agree, a 3rd party won't happen anytime soon. i can still have dreams, right?

GW and Pat Robertson in the same breath. now, THAT is some scary shit. Robertson is quite possibly the nuttiest motherfucker out there, and the man i am most afraid of. imagine him as president?


10:14 PM  

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