Sunday, April 09, 2006


another sunday night. cool outside, the rain has blown through leaving a blue evening to descend upon the dirty walls of the compound. the dog gnaws on a bone and the coffee is brewing.

in lit news, Bottle of Smoke Press is reading around 60 or 70 poems and a handful of letters for a forthcoming two volume chapbook set. this should be a beautiful work of art as Bill Roberts is a genius with the printed word. the title is and still the night left to go: poems and letters. also, check out the new Bottle #4, an all broadside magazine, each one individually letterpressed onto beautiful stock, it features around 20 poets including Charles Bukowski, justin.barrett, Alan Catlin, A.D. Winans and myself among others from good publisher Roberts. also, the book from sunnyoutside is moving right along, and should be titled very soon. david michael mcnamara is a true believer in the poem. he just put out William Taylor Jr's new book So Much Is Burning, which should be a good read. storms on the horizon, my friends... and I am working on a proper webpage that will include links to purchase older books, etc. look for it soon.

and can anybody believe our president and the Bush crime family?? jesus... how much of a hypocritical liar can anyone be and STILL have ANY credibility with ANYONE? I mean, when you "piss down our backs and tell us it's raining" and we smile and say THANK YOU, where do we go from here? it is insane. leaks from on high, stolen elections, illegal wiretaps, constitutional abuses par excellence, scandal, racketeering, the destruction of the middle and working classes, the rape of the religious right for politcal advancement, the consolidation of executive power, the giveaways to big corpocracies, the evisceration of the mainstream media, the high dollar propaganda, the deaths of 100,00 Iraqis and the deaths of thousands of american heroes, the rotting unconcern for the victims on the Gulf Coast, the demolition of all govt aid, the carelessness with which our vets are being treated, and all the other general skullfuckery. but as another famous crime family asserted:

"it's only business..."

and until we stand up and say NO MORE, it will continue no matter who is running the show because it's about CLASS people. it's about money. it's about power. it's about THE RING, the precious ring. it's about control.

reread 1984 and watch your backs.


Blogger j.b said...

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4:54 PM  
Blogger j.b said...

there is no describing what is wrong with our country, the president of whom being just a symptom of the disease.

there is no hope, save for revolution or annhiliation. there is no hope, save for art and music. there is no hope.

all we can do is press on, doing whatever it is we do (be it alchemy or poetry; healing or policing; teaching or nursing) and hope what little we create can make a difference.

if not, it really doesn't matter because we're all mortal and most of us will die sooner rather than later.

4:54 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

at least with the impending nukeing of Iran, the apocalypse is being hastened..we got that going for us. get thyself a bottle and a typewriter and, as hosho mccreesh says, "laugh up to the end and thru it..."

4:54 AM  
Blogger j.b said...

mccreesh has as good a plan as any i've ever heard.

funny thing just popped in my head in re this damned "apocalypse". you heard they found the once-banned "gospel according to judas" right? if not, it turns out "jesus" asked "judas" (in quotes because who knows who these fuckers really were) he asked judas to betray him to fulfill the martyr prophecy. ain't that some bullshit?

well, this got me to thinking about the apocalypse. if any of these fundamentalist nuts (is there any other kind of fundamentalist?) gets himself into office, with the US arsenal of nuclear armament at his disposal, well shit, the apocalypse is just right there for the making. i agree with you that W doesn't really believe the bullshit he spouts (thankfully for us) but one of these days the mindless dolts this country births by the minute will find his way into office and BLAMO! hello second coming.

only. it won't happen. see, jesus was just a magician. an olden-day houdini. and even the great houdini can't come back from the nothingness that is death.

fuck this. laugh up to the end and thru it. ain't nuttin' better to do anyway.

6:43 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

the whole jesus/judas business should give all of the republican taliban some pause inre: the falsity of their whole belief system. but it won't. faith can't be shaken.

and as for martyrs: maybe that is the whole angle...

armageddon, huh?


1:12 AM  

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