Saturday, April 15, 2006

the valley below...

"one more cup of coffee for the road
one more cup of coffee 'fore I go
to the valley below..."
Bob Dylan

it stretches out before us, deep, filled with smoke and haze. a hard road tumbles forth from beneath our feet. the wind is strong. it blows hot upon our weathered faces. and there is no going back.

we are here. there is a road. it is the only way. and the way is down into the terrible valley where murderers and rabid beasts roam. down into the valley where the food is poison and the water is boiling venom. down into a landscape made desolate by the grubbing claws of something huge and dark and foul. down into the yawning maw of uncertainty, into the menacing void.

so we slug back a cup of cold black coffee. we tighten our bootlaces. we write a poem and smile. then a cough and into the sickening wind.

down there we will discover the nature of our souls.


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