Monday, April 17, 2006

ts eliot, not as hopeful as h.m...

"After such knowledge, what forgiveness? think now
History has many cunning passages, contrived corridors
And issues, deceives with whispering ambitions,
Guides us by vanities...
Think neither fear nor courage saves us. Unnatural vices
Are fathered by our heroism. Virtues
Are forced upon us by our impudent crimes.
These tears are shaken from the wrath-bearing tree..."

T.S. Eliot

a dry season indeed...


Blogger j.b said...

wrath-bearing tree...gorgeous.

and, remember, Eliot wrote that "April is the cruelest month"...

it's a blizzard outside right now, people gripping their steering wheels in fear of losing control and all i can think is how ironic that no one is gripping the steering wheel of the vehicle that is this country, as it veers off into unknown territory, off the road, skidding out of control.

the world is a blizzard and the US is lost. and we've not even wrath from the wrath-bearing tree to nourish us.

10:58 AM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

yep, that fucking Eliot is the poet directly responsible for my writing poetry. I read "Hollow Men" in high school and said, "man, I think I can do that, it doesn't really have to rhyme." and I guess I CAN do it, at least fairly well.

here it is sunshine and springtime with butterflies and flowers. and as bright as it is outside, it is the sunshine that blinds us here, it is the belief that everything is peachy and rosy and bunnies.

it isn't.

and for our troops, April is a goddamned travesty.

5:03 AM  
Blogger j.b said...

well said.

for our troops april is a goddamn travesty. so true.

i feel worst for the troops and their families. my father was in the army for the first 17.5 years of my life. he was drafted for the vietnam conflict, but never made it over. he had no high school diploma and very little in the way of prospects outside of the military, so he decided to make it a career. good move on his part. he was lucky in that he never saw combat and happened to be in the army during the most "peaceful" of times in our country.

so, i can understand a little what these troops are feeling, what their families are going through. i still have family in the military (mine is most definitely a military family) and a few over in iraq right now. i can only hope they are safe and will remain so, and further hope that this administration gets their heads out of their asses and figures this shit out.

april is a travesty. but so have been all the months leading up, for the past 4 years.

9:28 AM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

it is fucking heartbreaking to hear the parents of soldiers describing the uselessness of their child's sacrifice. it sickens me more than anything else about the lies, that real heroes who are willing to give all are sold a terrible bill of goods (a stat I read said 85% of troops surveyed said that saddam and 911 were directly linked...) and now have to die for it. or maybe worse, be horribly maimed for life, constantly being reminded of the con game they were ground thru...


9:45 AM  

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