Thursday, October 16, 2008

how competence looks...

(via Mark Maron vs. Sam Seder Show; check it out live everyday at 3 pm.)

more Joe from Sadly...



Blogger nibblepoems said...

Not really a plumber and he owes back taxes...I bet he wished he'd just shaken the President's hand (oops) and not said a word.

On the other hand...


JOE THE PLUMBER a fantastic new comedy-drama from the maker's of Friends!

1:44 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

ain't no fucking plumber making $250 K a year.

ol' samuel (his actual first name) has admitted he makes around $40 K a year and WOULD be helped by the Obama plan.

also, fuck this bullshit notion that a 3% increase in taxes is some kind of DISINCENTIVE to get rich.

smells like desperation from the rovian operatives running the show behind the McPalin curtain...

9:06 PM  
Blogger j.b said...

a plant...most definitely.

also, there's this weird notion in America called THE AMERICAN DREAM. now, this notion is bogus. flat out fucking bogus. you ARE NOT going to be a millionaire. odds are staggeringly against you ever making a mil a year. sorry, but true. however, this AMERICAN DREAM is so ensconced in the American psyche that people are willing to give the rich tax breaks, to their own detriment, because when they themselves become rich -- which WILL happen someday soon -- they'll enjoy those lower taxes.


you will not be rich.

Obama is brilliant. might just be one of our smartest presidents, if not the smartest. add to that a feeling of compassion and obligation for the middle class and things WILL get better for us all with him at the helm.

one last thing: look at what each candidates individual tax plan does to their taxes and you will see where the priorities lie: Obama's taxes will raise under his own plan; McCain's will lower. now, look at your taxes. odds are the opposite.

10:14 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

jb you reminded me of an old thing I wrote here about getting rich, so I posted it over at ATKE to kind of kick start the 'journal.'

I can't wait for Hosho's first editorial...and your blistering submission...

11:13 PM  
Blogger H. said...

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7:12 PM  
Blogger H. said...

He says he always wanted to "corner" one of these guys, & get some straight answers...that was his motivation for stopping & questioning Obama. Pure coincidence, I'm sure, that the "guy" he happened to stop is (that one) the guy he has no plans on voting for...& coincidence, I'm sure, that he had to lie to even make claim that the Obama tax plan would hurt him & his pursuit of the American Dream...& further coincidence, I'm sure, that after being told the truth about what would happen to him (he'd have to pay a little more-$900 more-so others with less could have just a little more)(IF, of course, he hadn't lied about how much he actually earns...which he did) he then calls it "tap dancing."

Then again, just look at his body language: is that a guy earnestly looking for answers...or is it a guy who already has his mind made up? (*koff* PLANT, *koff* SHILL)

If Joe (or Sam or whatever his name is) wanted to fluster "one of these guys" (of course he didn't want to fluster one of them, he wanted to fluster Obama--& failed), he should've picked McCain...who can easily be thrown into a rage by an air-tower controller at McCain field, a school board member, a random woman asking he keep both hands above board when shooting craps, his wife tousling his hair, or your run-of-the-mill morning coffee-talk-show hosts...

Looks like the white-hot glare of media-spectacle has laid bare Joe the Unlicensed, Unskilled Laborer's untruths.

Also, there are white guys who tap-dance...AGAIN, pure coincidence, I'm sure, that he (& his bald head) didn't go with Fred Astaire...

7:18 PM  

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