Sunday, October 12, 2008


Flahute has posted one of mine for Poetry Friday.

Hosho McCreesh H E R E, H E R E, H E R E and H E R E.

got my contrib copy of Johnny America #6 print edition and it's a fine fine bit of work all around. the cover art is dandy and the content is overall excellent. some of the stories are truly remarkable. worth checking out, I'd say.

the weather turns colder, a high wind blows thru the thin pine trees, the dogs curl up on the floor in furry balls of warmth, sunlight pours thru rolling gaps in thick white clouds, autumn is here and winter is not far off. there is art despite the state of things these days, there is still some will left, some spark unquenched by the past eight years of madness. despite ourselves we maintain some small hope for the few human beings who are actually alive in this land of the dead. with hurt backs and bent minds and narrowed eyes we endure and try to find our legs, we attempt smiles with tight lips, we try to dance to the sound of no music.

we keep ourselves able to wonder.


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