Tuesday, September 30, 2008

good shit...

Hosho McCreesh's new one is featured in the Orange Alert Spotlight. if you've not picked up this perfect bound paperback with its stunning art and fantastic design, coupled with some of the strongest poems Hosh has ever put in a collection, then you're really missing out. this thing is a motherfucker, every poem hits hard, images that burn, lines that churn the guts, glimpses into the pure heart of the nightmare where hope is a pinprick of light in the far far distance, and might be an illusion in the end. it's a beautiful thing to behold...

and while you're at it, j.b's new one is a beast of poetry too. full of life, brimming with humor and insight, it's a roaring return to the world of small press poetry from one of the best around.

and if you've got a few bucks more to spend get alan catlin's latest from sunnyoutside. it's a damn good collection from a small press legend, and some of the poems will knock you right on the bar room floor. check it out.

also, just got some new stuff from Doug Draime published by KSE. thanks to Doug for sending em my way. get everything of his you can find. he is a master. what else can you say?

finally, congrats to them Noot boys for scoring "Best Local New Music Act" in our Creative Loafing alt weekly. Mathis "Bimbi Garraux" Hunter (aside: he also plays in the "Best Overall Local Music Act" Reader's Choice band The Selmanaires), Hosho and I are putting together a killer audio addition to the forthcoming Sunlight letters book, with excerpts being read along with original musical/ambient soundscapes. more info on that in the very near future...

oh and:

sorry you couldn't just steal $700 billion MORE from us just yet, though I'm sure it'll happen anyway. how about trickling UP for a change? and jesus, this is all about credit swap bullshit and insurance and NOT the bad mortgages, which plays but a small part in the whole deregulated bloodbath and mass fleecing of the Treasury (read the sept. 30 entry, it's the shock doctrine and a giant theft...I mean, how does 100 trillion in derivative trash sound?). bah, more than half the money would go to foreign banks anyway. where are my poker loss bailouts? but whatever. who cares? wheeeee! I have a shiny new penny! capitalism ROOLZ!11!!!

(a good blog about 'money and shit' is H E R E)


Blogger j.b said...

thanks for the plug.
agree on the catlin and mccreesh books, both fantastic.

trickle down is a doomed philosophy and proven not to work. politicians, however, never let facts get in the way of bad policy.

8:41 PM  

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