Saturday, October 13, 2007

saturday music fun...

my friends in the local band The Selmanaires are really doing well. they recently returned from a month-long tour with The Black Lips (recently on Conan's show; don't care for the Lips jangly punk, though) and played some really well-received shows. our 'alt-news' paper, Creative Loafing wrote em up here, and their bright-red 7" single has just been released (here's my signed copy):

you can listen to both songs on their Myspace page linked above, as well as a couple others. this is a damn good video of em performing at Georgia State University here in Atlanta:

these are some of the nicest motherfuckers you'll ever meet, and some damn good musicians ta boot. they definitely stand out among the post-punk retro-jangle thing happening around town these days.

and mathis plays in Noot d'Noot as well, who just had a 7" single release party at the local gallery Beep Beep, (a kick ass place for all types of art). all the sleeves were either letterpressed or hand spray-painted, and I got one of those printed by another very cool local artist on a Vandercook press:

I'm seriously limbering up my fingers and cleaning up my guitar to jam with the Noot real soon. I'm excited about something other than poetry for a change...

and lastly, check out local ladies Rising Appalachia and their brand of southern gothic bluegrass with a billie holiday gut wrenching, fog thru the trees sound. they're good, and they have a new album I'm gonna get real soon...


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