Tuesday, September 25, 2007

big news..

over at the GPP Blog; the GPP is now an even more all-inclusive organization.

also, I love Annie Menebroker's book Tiny Teeth. thanks, Annie for sending it to me. you people out there should buy it, mostly for poems like this:

Deadly Cure

why do you deny yourself
being alive?

the steady drone of bees
spills out of your eyes

you are a worker
educated to caution
conservative as a bow-tie

who has told you
this is the way of the world?
who has drawn the map?

nightly I dream of magic
and its invasion

only to find the world
has discovered another vaccine

man that's some good shit. I also got Doug Draime and Misti Rainwater-Lite's edition of Next Exit from KSE and it's a fine bit of work, especially the poems that center on Texas, and the poem about Big Sur (which is a monster, I think by Doug). great stuff and well worth four or five bucks (and pick up Bill's Norwich Unveiled while you're at it, a moving long poem, full of fantastic images and strong lines, with stylistic echoes of Jeffers...).

hey, check out Father Luke, a new GPP Operative and generally interesting motherfucker.

this on Kerouac is a good read.

Nate Graziano is going to appear on New Hampshire Public Radio today talking about his sunnyoutside book. tune in and support one of the very best writers working today.

more later...


Blogger j.b said...

lots of stuff going on. good to see.
some good reads there, thanks for the link.
the poem by Menebroker was wonderful.

1:11 PM  

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