Sunday, September 09, 2007

lit shiz...

I just heard from Bill Shute of Kendra Steiner Editions and he's invited me to send some poems for his chapbook series Next Exit. Bill's press has a fine roster of poets including my buddy Luis C. Berriozabal, the passionate new kid Zachary C. Bush and Doug Draime among others, along with a punk rock DIY aesthetic in his production values. Bill is a believer in getting poetry out into the world and into the hands of readers, and really cares about the word. you should check out his catalog and try a few on for size; I highly recommend the LCB chap as an entry point.

also, the GPP Reader will be out soon, it is being finalized and printed, and there are only around 50 copies left for reservation. get a copy before they're gone, you won't be sorry.

lastly, if there is anyone out there who hasn't purchased a copy of Flowers In The Shadow Of The Storm, there are only a few copies left of the handpainted edition (you can also get it here, here, and here), and if a second edition is printed, they will have totally different covers without the special touches. check it out, it's a fine example of an incredibly well made book (and if you already have, leave a review at the Amazon link above and help David sell em all). and even if you don't buy my stuff, help support Independent Publishers like sunnyoutside with cash, and get some great books in the process.


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I wish you big time congrats on KSE! Bill Shute is "the man"!

7:26 AM  
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Blogger j.b said...

yes, congrats...

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