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World Cup Poetry #2

Greetings, UPRIGHT readers. Time for another entry in the World Cup Poetry series.

June 15, 2006

Ecuador vs. Costa Rica
England vs. Trinidad & Tobago
Sweden vs. Paraguay

Ecuador vs. Costa Rica

Ecuador vs. Costa Rica featured a contest of two Latin American teams with similar styles and equally dangerous offensive squads. Each squad scored two goals in their opening games. Ecuador’s defense was much better than Costa Rica’s, which enabled them to pull out a 2-0 victory over a disappointing showing by the Polish squad. Costa Rica fell to the host nation, 4-2, which was no surprise. Ecuador edged Costa Rica 3-0 in this game eliminated both Costa Rica and Poland from World Cup play.

Presented two poets, one from Ecuador & one from Costa Rica to match their two goals scored on June 9, 2006:

Read Claudio Gutierrez, poet from Costa Rica.

Read about Jose Joaquin Olmedo, poet & former President of Ecuador here and here, and Olmedo's connection to Lord Byron here.

England vs. Trinidad & Tobago

This game was not easy for England. Trinidad & Tobago gave Sweden a run for their money on June 10, 2006, coming away with a 0-0 tie. England will still be favored and their ticket to next round could be secured in this game. England earned three important points against Paraguay by beating them 1-0 with the assistance of a Paraguayan defender who deflected a shot into his own goal. England beat T&T 2-0, scoring 2 goals in the last 7 minutes of the game.

Read about Lord Byron here.

Try this out from a T&T blogger.

Here is a link to poems by women poets from Trinidad & Tobago

Sweden vs. Paraguay

This game was more important to Paraguay because they lost their first game. Sweden scored in the last minute of the game, eliminating Paraguay from World Cup competition.

Please read these links to “A Brief History of Paraguayan Poetry” (translated title by Google) here and here.

Please read the biography of Swedish author and poet, Harry Martinson, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1974, who sadly committed suicide in 1978.

Sweden was the site of 1958 World Cup, where Brazil was crowned the World Cup champion after defeating 5-2, and where 17-year-old Pele, made his first appearance in World Cup play.

June 16, 2006

Argentina vs. Serbia & Montenegro
Netherlands vs. Ivory Coast (Cote D Ivore)
Mexico vs. Angola

Argentina vs. Serbia & Montenegro

Argentina vs. Serbia & Montenegro will be a due or die game for Serbia &Montenegro. A loss by Argentina will put them in danger of making an early exit from this tournament. Expect a close score, perhaps a tie or 1-0 outcome, with any team winning, depending on who can capitalize on mistakes.

Argentina has many outstanding writers and poets. Read about Argentine poets.

I found an interesting article linking Nicaraguan poet, Ruben Dario, to an obscure Argentine poet, Pedro Na'n, who had dedicated a book to Dario, and while not an Argentine poet, here is a link to Mr. Dario.

An interesting link to Montenegro is here. Observe the link on the left hand side and learn about Culture, Education, Institutions, Literature, Printing, Arts, & other examples from Montenegro.

A football link from Montenegro here

Netherlands vs. Serbia & Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivore)

Netherlands comes off an impressive victory over Serbia & Montenegro looks to kill two birds with one stone by getting to the next round and eliminating Ivory Coast from this tournament with a victory. This game looks to be an easy one for Netherlands. But an upset is not out of the question and the African squad can use some luck from the soccer gods. Presented here is a link to Dutch poetry including English translation which can keep one busy & it includes picture-poems.

Mexico vs. Angola

Mexico vs. Angola is one game I have circled on the schedule. Mexico’s top scorer, Jared Borghetti, was injured in the game against Iran. But if they play like they did in the second half against Iran, I could see them getting past a tough Angola squad. Below is a link to soccer and people thrashing each other, including Borghetti. Can’t we all get along? Fair Play? Come on! Justin B., you’ll find some interesting words in here, in regards to Kalusha, and chuta-le, read this Nigerian blog in regards to Mexico & US soccer here.

Watch Jared Borgetti in a game against Italy.

Read about Angolan author & poet Jose Eduardo Angualusa.

June 17, 2006

Portugal vs. Iran
Italy vs. USA
Czech Republic vs. Ghana

Portugal vs. Iran

Portugal vs. Iran will be a game each team needs to win. For Portugal, a win will get them into the next round. Iran needs to win to keep its hopes alive.

Luis de Camoes, regarded as Portugal's greatest poet, presented here.

Other International Poets can be found in the portal above, including Du Fu, Pushkin, Dante, Celan and many more.

Italy vs. U.S.A.

Italy vs. U.S.A. will be the one game that America needs to win. Italy is playing well, which spells doom for the United States. The miracle suggested in the previous post never materialized. The U.S squad has to play with more abandon, while at the same time protect its goal from the efficient Italian counterattack. I don’t see U.S. winning, but a tie is not out of the question.

Read about Italian poet Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch) here.

Read about American poet Poe and some The Simpsons fun.

Czech Republic vs. Ghana

Czech Republic vs. Ghana will be a game of two teams with contrasting styles. Both have dangerous offensive weapons, but Czech Republic is the favored here & America can bear witness to their effectiveness when their game is on.

Ghana poetry here.

Read one of the most famous Czech poets Erben and read about Svankmajerova.

June 18, 2006

Brazil vs. Australia
Japan vs. Croatia
France vs. South Korea

Brazil vs. Australia

Brazil vs. Australia will be a game pitting two teams, which won their first games. Surprisingly, Australia is ahead of Brazil based on goal difference. I see Brazil routing Australia by 2 or more goals. But then again anything can happen & Australia can score quickly and often as South Korea learned in their first game.

Brazilian poet, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, considered one of the most influential Brazilian poets here.

Here is a link to Janice Bostok, reportedly Australia’s first haiku poet.

Japan vs. Croatia

Japan and Croatia are both searching for a victory or else they could be going home early. Croatia gave Brazil all they could handle, losing 1-0. Japan let a victory escape in the last 7 minutes of their game with Australia, losing a 1-0 lead, and falling 1-3 to the Aussies. Neither team can ill-afford to let this game slip away.

Read about Japanese poet Issa.

Read about the Younger Poets of Croatia.

France vs. South Korea

The French squad failed to score in their first game. They have some of the best players in the world, but played a disappointing game. Fortunately, they pulled out one point and a victory over South Korea would place them ahead of South Korea in this group. A victory by South Korea would qualify their squad for the next round. South Korea & Japan hosted the 2004 World Cup.

2002 World Cup link here.

Read Korean poet Ko Un.

Read this interview with French poet, Yves Bonnefoy, whose work I highly recommend.

June 19, 2006

Togo vs. Switzerland
Spain vs. Tunisia
Saudi Arabia vs. Ukraine

Togo vs. Switzerland

Togo lost to South Korea in their first game. The Swiss played the French to 0-0 tie in their opening match. Each team is going to need points to make it into the second round. Switzerland is the favored team here, but Togo has speed & is trying to make some noise in this tournament.

Togo links here and here.

Read about Swiss literature here.

Spain vs. Tunisia

As of this post, Spain & Tunisia had yet to play its first game. The Spaniards will be heavy favorites in this game and Spain is due to capture its first World Cup. This might be their year, but this is just a prediction.

Vicente Aleixandre, Spanish poet, here.

Tunisian link here.

Saudi Arabia vs. Ukraine

These are two teams looking to make their fans proud. I'm predicting a tie in this game, but the Ukraine can win if they use their counterattack against the speedy Saudi Arabian team.

Read this Saudi Arabian and Arab-American poetry link.

Ukrainian poet, Taras Shevchenko, here.

June 20, 2006

Ecuador vs. Germany
Costa Rica vs. Poland
Sweden vs. England
Paraguay vs. Trinidad & Tobago

Ecuador vs. Germany

This between Ecuador and Germany is expected to be the best game between teams in this group. The host team will be favored in this game. Another high scoring game is not out of the question here. Germany edged Costa Rica 4-2 in the opening game of the World Cup. Expect a similar outcome in this game.

Link to indigenous poetry of Ecuador & other South American countries here.

Berriozabal translated in German here.

Read this fine link to poets translated into German & the work of poet Johannes Beilharz.

Costa Rica vs. Poland

Poland will do what it can to win this game. They have the better counterattack, although Wanchope of Costa Rica, was able to score twice against Germany & can be equally dangerous in this game against Poland. I'm predicting a low scoring game, 1-0, with the European squad prevailing.

Read the interview of Costa Rican poet, Alvaro Cardona-Hine.

Polish poets Wislawa Szymborska and Tadeusz Rozewicz here.

Sweden vs. England

Sweden is looking to shock England in this game between European powers. I can see Sweden pulling the upset here if England gets overconfident. This game is difficult to predict. Perhaps a tie is in order here.

Swedish poet Asaias Tegner.

English poet Alexander Pope, & the poetry of Chris Major, a fine poet from England and football fan. that's futbol folks.

Paraguay vs. Trinidad & Tobago

Paraguay and Trinidad & Tobago hope to play a competitive game. Paraguay is expected to defeat Trinidad & Tobago, who has an outstanding goaltender, who turned away Sweden time after time in their first game.

Read Augusto Roa Bastos, known as the biggest Paraguayan writer, here.

Trinidad & Tobago poetry link here.

** posted by christopher cunningham for Luis C. Berriozabal **


Blogger Luis said...


Thanks for the post. I was way off on the prediction in the Argentina & Serbia-Montenegro game. Argentina 6-0 over S.M.
Portugal just edged Iran 2-0.
Mexico and Angola tied 0-0. Netherlands edged Ivory Coast 2-1, and I forgot to put a link for them, which I'll make up for in next post. Well, Italy & U.S. is coming up. I can't wait to see what happens. And how about that Miami-Dallas game, Stackhouse tackling Shaq to make up for game 1's bloody nose. It doesn't seem worth it now that Stackhouse was ejected.

11:01 AM  
Blogger j.b said...

another great job, Luis. another epic. i've much to wade through...

3:18 PM  
Blogger Luis said...

Now the U.S. played a good game,
tied up Italy, who need to beat
Czech Republic to give the U.S.
a chance to make it to the next
round. Ghana's victory over the
Czech Republic today was
phenomenal. Their fans were
jubilant, dancing. U.S. have their
work cut out for them. But there's
still breath on their fading hopes.

5:14 PM  

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