Wednesday, June 14, 2006

our state of mind...

here at the compound has deteriorated somewhat. we find ourselves in a state of affairs, worldview-wise, that has us, for lack of a more descriptive phrase, real fucked up. bad. wiretapping, outing covert agents, destruction of the environment, illegal war, murder, pure unashamed lying and political vileness, torture, the vast appetite of the military industrial complex, the giveaways to corporate criminals, theft of the democratic process and general ass-slappery in the face of everyone, everywhere.

good shit.

so what we've come up with here is a two fold plan for "winning the peace" here at home: first, with the help of my NSA agent Tommy, and his cadre, er, team of lunatics, er, Patriotic American Patriots, we've come to understand that we have absolutely nothing to worry about. each of our activities is being carefully monitored for our safety and all of my books, letters, poems, text messages, emails, thoughts, hopes, dreams, etc. have been catalogued and stored in a convenient, easy to use, easy to sell/lose/get stolen dossier. this is comforting, not threatening. it's like a gardian angel with the power to have us extraordinarily rendered to some kind Eastern European country for "friendly mental realignment" and "generous patriotism readjustment experiences."

second, we've fully embraced the Grateful Dead maxim: "nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile..." so we will stay in close contact with Tommy, Frimp, and Agent .45Freedom (not their real names) and let them report any of the important news stories of the day, as we here at the compound have been, obviously, turned around on the whole "Long War" thingy.

rest easy, good citizens. things are fine. go back to your poems and your wine and your meaningless happy lives. all is well in Oceania, er, America.


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