Friday, May 12, 2006

how much is it to change my service?...

okay. it has REALLY gone too far. we must call our providers and make some noise on this. here is some verizon info, the comments are also very informative.

creeping fascism, growing bolder with each terrible midnight, gathering power.

read what our good friend the jaded prole has to say about it.

dangerous times indeed...


look at the Preznit's defense of this sick violation of our privacy. I do note that Verizon Wireless (my carrier) "flatly denies" participation in the program. small fucking relief, as if they AREN'T monitoring the cellphones, WHAT DO THEY THINK THE TERRORISTS ARE USING?


I mean



Blogger j.b said...

here's the first step, foks, to a totalitarian fascism.

is it 1984?
no, it's 2006. 22 years worse.

the phone companies are complicit in this act of domestic espionage, the government is downright unconstitutional, and the public?

well, that remains to be seen.

as for changing your service, Mr. Cunningham, i willing to wager you'll have to pay a fee for breaking your contract.

my question is this: does it stipulate anywhere in said contract that they have the right to spy on me? to sell my phone records to the government?


9:21 AM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

What's Right always costs something. I am looking into Working Assets wireless. they used to be my long distance carrier when I had a land line for phone use, and they are the only telco to sign on with the ACLU in their lawsuit on this matter. see the link I just posted on the blog, scroll down to the end, though the whole thing is a damn good read...

more later my man.

11:10 AM  

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