Monday, May 08, 2006

I swear...

I'm not begging electronically, but you will now find buttons to make donations to the cause of Starving Artist. all money will go directly to funding poetry related projects, i.e. time to write poetry, make broadsides, etc. also, the buttons can be used to purchase copies of my work until I get a proper webpage. any new books, old books (that are still in print and available), broadsides and ephemera you read about here or elsewhere can be purchased directly from my greasy ass.

currently available:

1. a few copies of Thru the Heart of This Animal Life, A Measure of Impossible Humor, the prize winning chapbook with handpainted covers; $6 ea.

2. about ten copies of 18 Blue Collar Abstractions with handmade 'workshirt' covers (real buttons, real name patch); $5 ea.

3. two copies of the broadside This Dying Flame Like Gold, a poem on handmade Indian paper set on a black board with handpainted acrylic fire; $20 ea.

4. two copies of the limited release broadside from Bottle of Smoke Press of the poem "all these things recline unconcerned" from the all broadside magazine Bottle #4; $2 ea.

5. two copies of the limited release broadside from Bottle of Smoke Press of the poem "punch;" $1 ea.

6. ten copies of the broadside "a hard love waiting for death," a five poem broadside narrative from the now-defunct Kitty Litter Press; $1 ea.

7. one copy of the handmade booklet/broadside "Letter To McCreesh"; $10.

just shoot an email to inre: which item you want.

more later. thanks.


Blogger j.b said...

I am so proud to say that I own at least one of each of the mentioned pieces. And, folks, trust me, you WILL want each and every one of these. They are amazing, all of them. And, one day, sure to be worth quite a bit on the poetry market.

I haven't heard the name Kitty Litter Press in ages. I miss them and their mag Joey and the Black Boots. Good memories.

3:30 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

yes sir, those kids from Colorado at KLP were good folks. and a good mag indeed.

thanks much for the kind words. at least, once I'm dead they might be worth a day old cup of coffee and some burnt toast.

10:10 PM  

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