Saturday, May 06, 2006

saturday spin...

a few goodies from the blogosphere recently:

lipstick on a pig

hookers? no, spend more time with family

fluency, sweet fluency

is he or is he not?

indirect spin

a masterful spinner faced with the truth

the president either speaks Spanish or he is pimping spanish to gullible voters. either way it is a sickening way to abuse an entire culture for political gain. he is a master of pandering, for sure. Goss either played poker with hookers or he just doesn't play well with Negraponte (h/t the Jaded Prole). I mean, nobody EVER resigns in this speedy fashion, without appropriate hoopla, unless there is SERIOUS trouble. listen to THEIR MAN KRISTOL. where is the media's Carwreck Index of Hideous Slack-Jawed Gawking on the whole hookers/congressfolk/Watergate Hotel thingy? they sure love it when babies die or houses burn or citizens get murdered or there's traffic. this is SO six o'clock news sensationalism. it will SELL ADSPACE, I promise, if they'd just DO THEIR JOB and report what is REALLY going on in our government. and really, Rummy, does anyone believe there are any "known unknowns" left? jesus christ, you said this shit, my man. it is on record you "bulletproof" liar. this is a disgusting sampling of how reality can be easily twisted by a compliant media and an overworked, undereducated, apathetic population ready to believe the easiest answer. hard truth sometimes demands radical and painful reorganizations of our thought processes. it requires us to accept that we may have been wrong. it might shatter some illusions. it might bring some disturbing clarity. but it also frees us.

some things are true. some things are real. it doesn't matter how it is 'reported' and it doesn't matter what someone 'believes' and it isn't a matter of 'faith.' the truth IS.

spin that, Bill O'Reilly.


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