Monday, April 24, 2006

poetry infects us sometimes...

here is where I 'heard' the bit about our mind's delay inre: information processing:

a matter of a second

neuroscientists have
discovered that it takes a
human brain about
a second to process

which means that
we are perpetually living
in the past.

events that we perceive
as being in the
here and now have,
in all actuality,
occurred a full
second ago.

this means that
i will get over you
a second quicker
than even i
will be aware

and you will forget
about me a
second quicker
than you


buy some of his work here at Bottle of Smoke Press.


Blogger j.b said...


thank you for posting that, and for pimping my wares.

like i said in an earlier post, i'm just knocked out you could glean some semblance of worth from it.

think of this repercussion:
we'll be dead one second before we actually are aware of it, too. just when you thought things weren't SO bad.

5:27 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

how great that our minds live on ONE SECOND LONGER. maybe that is when we will finally understand what it was all about.

and like they say, it IS hard out here for a pimp.

10:43 PM  
Blogger j.b said...


i surely is.

yes, it is a nice thought. maybe i should worry less about being dead a second early than about my mind living on a second longer.

it's beautiful, almost, if it weren't for the finality of death.

9:16 AM  

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