Monday, April 24, 2006

maybe poetry won't be cost effective...

or better yet, maybe it will be in a price tier that we poets won't even be able to afford. what the hell am I talking about? net neutrality. it's a big issue and it means the difference between maintaining one of the last venues where REAL FREE SPEECH (or what remains of it in an increasingly privatized world) can be found, where the voices of REGULAR PEOPLE can be heard, and the gated pay to play world of corporate consolidation where everything is sectioned off and the best parcels are sold for the most money to the wealthiest among us and the dregs (or basic cable) left to the rest of us.

now I don't even have cable but I do have a fast internet connection and I enjoy the freedom to discuss WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT with WHOMEVER THE FUCK I WANT (I deliberately used FUCK because that might be a word that gets you banned or arrested or diverted or whatever will eventually happen if this SHIT happens) and do not want to see it taken away, or worse, made completely unaffordable by any except the wealthiest.

go to this site for all the info: here

write, call or email and tell these sleepy thieves in congress that WE are paying attention.


Blogger j.b said...


what is wrong with this fucking country?

what is wrong with humanity?

each painful step towards fascism makes it that much harder to laugh and sing and dance anymore.

5:26 PM  

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