Sunday, August 03, 2008

lit shiz...

I just finished writing the poems for my new chapbook from Kendra Steiner Editions called In Gambler's Blood. it's a group of poems that are informed by an obscure Ennio Morricone crime soundtrack and revolves around one hand of poker between three archetypical players. I'm on a narrative poem kick and this is no exception: the poems work together and tell a story, though hopefully they also stand on their own.

it should be available in the next couple of weeks, probably mid august, and the cover photo was taken by my girl, Cynthia Etheridge, noted photographer and tolerator of lazy wine drinking card players who write poems too.

I don't recommend the lifestyle but I do recommend you head over and purchase a copy when it becomes available. I'll be posting the cover and more info on cost, etc. when I have it. thanks for supporting the small presses of the world and poetry in general.

also, I'm now the offical Poet Laureate of the Nootrosphere, the wordsmith of Noot Town and will be posting a piece on art and music over at the Noot d'Noot blog in the next couple of days. this helps my "hipness" in town, as you might imagine. thanks to the guys for the shout out, scattering goofer dust to the far corners of the world...


Blogger j.b said...

i look forward to the new book, CC. i emailed Bill recently and told him i liked what he was doing and that he'd build up quite a stable of poets. i plan on picking up some books soon (once i can wrangle the checkbook from the wife).

Ennio and poetry. like wine and chocolate, a weird combo at first, so it works.

by the way, don't try wine and peanut butter. trust me.

4:09 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

thanks jb. I'm excited too, it turned out pretty well, I think. it should be out august 20th. I'll post the cover when I have it. cyn took a couple of incredible new photos...

wine n peanut butter, the new ben and jerry's flavor.

have it with a hot fennel maple sauce and whipped goat cheese.

(urp...I just made myself a bit sick...)

10:31 PM  

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