Monday, June 30, 2008


it's not just speculation and supply/demand (increased refining and new drilling are opposed by oil companies, can you guess why? and demand is down but prices continue to rise...) driving prices thru the roof, but the complete destruction and devaluation of the dollar by economic policies designed to crush the middle class and enrich Our Corporate Masters. how exciting it will be when the dollar is on parity with the peso.

do your research and understand the mechanisms that will eventually make the current american/western life paradigm completely unsustainable (and it's not even sorta sustainable right now). are you going to learn new skills? how to grow food? how to mend a shirt? how to can and pickle and save? how to build a chicken coop? how to help your neighbor start THEIR garden? how to be a member of a community and not just an isolated, self-absorbed consumer of trash?

continuing to deny the new reality of the end of affordable energy isn't going to help. another day at the baseball game eating hotdogs isn't going to help. another mindless night of television isn't going to help. we have to rethink what matters, what is important, what we truly NEED as humans. I promise, when the truckers start striking here like they are all over the world, when the cabbies go on strike, when the shelves at Kroger are bare, when oil hits $200 a barrel, when all of our paychecks go to fuel the car to get to work, when McDonald's trucks don't show up to provide cheap 'meat,' when our power bill climbs to hundreds a month then we will HAVE to rethink the empty, hopeless, illusory lifestyle we've been sold now for generations.

think on this: a big ass storm blew thru here last night and fucked up some of our tomato plants and knocked over some other things. maybe some will die. what if it had been our entire food crop for a year? think about an entire corn crop in the midwest destroyed by floods and how corn (and soy) will be more expensive this year for all of us (and what do you think they feed cows when they're not feeding them their downer brothers and sisters from the slaughterhouse? this will make meat more expensive, make 'ethanol' more expensive, etc). think about what happens when trucks stop hauling food to your town either because they can't afford fuel or folks start keeping those things nearer to where they are produced because they have their own shortages to deal with. now think about how fragile this stupid fucking system is and how quickly it can all fall apart.

how prepared are we to face a reorganization of thought? it doesn't really matter, because we WILL have to come to terms with the massive change that is coming...

oh and one more thing: if you think the war in Iraq was to get their oil in order to make america wonderful and perfect again, you are a fucking idiot who has never done a single goddamn lick of research. it IS about oil, but not about making it available to us proles at a cost we can afford. same goes for believing in WMD, stopping fundamentalism, spreading democracy or any of the other blatant lies we were told to get that ol' military industrial complex humming at top capacity.

so my advice is: don't be a fucking idiot. use your goddamn brain. thanks.


Blogger mjp said...

when our power bill climbs to hundreds a month...

Come to Los Angeles. We're already there brother.

But your bit about crops is spot on. I grew up in the midwest, millions and millions of acres of corn, wheat, beans, and when there was a problem - even a slight problem - with a season's crop, all hell broke lose and more than just the farmers felt the pain.

8:00 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

yeah, there's the potential for a great deal of pain to go around soon.

oil ain't going down but the dollar is and as it falls and prices of everything rise (wheat, milk, water, cheap plastic crap, goats, monkeys, very small rocks, etc.), the whole farming paradigm will begin to appeal to everyone out of necessity.

8:38 AM  
Blogger j.b said...

there's also those "farmers" who are paid NOT to farm....what if we suddenly needed them to? would the land they own sustain crops that quickly? would the "farmers" know how? something to think about...

oh, and quit telling me what to do. maybe i want to be a fucking idiot! it got our president elected. TWICE.

8:49 AM  
Blogger kav said...

When Bush was elected president, gas was $1.46 a gallon.

12:51 PM  

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