Monday, June 09, 2008

get your dogs fixed and don't be an asshole...

in the last week we've had to find homes for three stray puppies lost and abandoned in our neighborhood. they are a FRACTION of the number of strays that wander around our little slice of misery here in College Park, but we're glad we've saved a few and made a few folks happy with their new babies. please be responsible, and like bob barker says: have your pet spayed or neutered. make sure your dog isn't creating more orphan pups.

also, you are a piece of shit asshole who should have your eyes chewed out by rabid swamp rats while your genitals are slowly sawed off with a rusty straight razor if you strap your dog to a tree in the yard on a short length of chain and never feed it or water it or walk it or take it to the vet or get the dog its shots, etc. dogs are pack animals and YOU are their pack. they aren't an object to own, but an addition to your pack, you uncaring, festering human canker sores.

and also: children can't raise a dog. a puppy isn't a fucking toy. children can't wipe their own asses much less train a puppy which takes hours of work every single goddamn day. so when your kid asks for a puppy, tell the little creature that having a puppy is like doing six hours of homework every day for the rest of the dog's life with no summer breaks either.

and a special note to our neighbors across the street who left their dog to die in the backyard on a chain with no food or water, riddled with giant heartworms from no care, no shots, starving and cowering in the mud and dirt when you moved out or got thrown out or whatever the fuck happened to you: go fuck yourselves, you worthless inhuman piles of monkey shit. we'll get him healthy at our expense and give him a good home, but if you come back you will be miserable. I promise. and may YOUR GOD have mercy on you for your ignorance and cruelty even after I exhausted all attempts at actually helping you learn how to do it right, after fixing your fence, teaching you about training, buying the food and housing for him, etc. seriously: fuck you all.


Blogger H. said...

That's what happens when another pack animal (humans) get delusions of granduer in this terrible illusion...

7:39 PM  
Blogger j.b said...


does Georgia have any cruelty to animal laws? Utah doesn't (no surprise there)...

damn, man. the sight of animals being treated like that turns my stomach. just as much as if it were seeing a human.

we've an obligation to dogs and cats and other domesticated animals. we've bred the wild out of them, forced them (through manipulated evolution, folks) to be dependent upon us, and some of us use that against them. why?

sick fuckers. sick. sick. sick.

there's a saying that the truest measure of a culture is how it treats its elderly, pets and prisoners.

we, in America, are what? oh for 3?

11:15 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Lot's of anger, lot's of swearing, lot's of truth.

You gotta feel for the canines! People who don't have time for kids get dogs thinking they can treat them like cats or rats. Throw a little food at them and you're good to go on that seven-day bender that takes you to Reno and back. Oops, sorry there Buster, guess I left you out in the middle of January in the middle of Minnesota. Look Honey, dogsicle.

Go get em, Christopher. Show no mercy (not that you would)!

7:02 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

I can't name many animals that are capable of deliberate cruelty.

but we humans sure as hell are.

and jeff, I don't remember any curse words in that rant...

2:49 AM  

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