Wednesday, May 24, 2006

variety pack of fun...

it isn't enough that the companies in this country can screw us at will, but now anyone can be Dear Leader, if Dear Leader wishes it.

there have not been many who've spoken out against the violation of seperate branches of gov't after the AG ordered an invasion of alleged bribe recipient Jefferson, but good ol' Denny Hastert did: no wonder he is against the FBI raiding Jefferson's office (no matter how UNCONSTITUTIONAL it is anyway).

I've not seen "Baghdad E.R." as I don't have cable (not that I need television to prove to me that this war is ugly and wrong on many many levels) but I'm sure I couldn't have said it better myself.

just observing what folks are sayin'. I'm not sayin' nothin'. hear that NSA? I HAVE NO ACTIONABLE OPINION WHATSOEVER. thanks for listening and reading.

the Enabling Act gave a group of madmen the authority to disobey any law they didn't care for and create any law they wished. this couldn't be anything like that, could it?

but at least all of our carefully monitored communications will be safe from thieves, hackers, ill-intentioned politicos, etc. right?

this is for The Girl's father's edification.

please check out the new link to live music. there are many great shows to download for free and/or stream while you pluck away at the typewriter/computer. listen to some good Grateful Dead or some Georgia-bred Blueground Undergrass, or how about some Calexico (one of my most favorite bands). enjoy browsing. (Luis, check out the list of Cracker).

I stumbled on this while digging around YouTube, but didn't think to post it. glad someone did: enjoy. (this is almost as funny...)


Blogger Luis said...


will definitely check out
the live music, thanks for

8:34 PM  
Blogger j.b said...

holy shit, those videos are HILARIOUS.

Samuel L. Jackson and Principal Firebush...damn, now that's funny.

as for the other bullshit going on in this country, who cares? i just saw jesus get hit by a bus. :)

7:09 PM  

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