Wednesday, May 31, 2006

if you care, you must be evil...

I don't understand the constant "Swiftboating" of Al Gore that is going on in the media. it is sickening that the instant someone does something that indicates real concern about a topic that affects all of us, they are "do gooding elitists, hippie tree huggers" or worse. in reality, I defy anyone to name ONE REAL SOCIAL BENEFIT that has arisen from ANY rightwing, capitalist initiative. sure, SOME people are making a shitload of money these days, but WHERE IS THE MIDDLE CLASS? how many are one emergency away from a bankruptcy they can no longer even file, thanks to legislation passed by an ENTIRELY REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT. I mean liberals have only done one or two things for America after all (I am too lazy to footnote all of these). and really, GLOBAL WARMING: is there any reason to say FUCK IT and hope for the best? the Jaded Prole has more, observing that it might be smartest to err on the side of survival, right?

anyway, you can believe that if this criminally stupid administration's unchecked bloodlust for control, for power, and for money is ever reigned in even slightly, you will have some liberal to blame for it. you can count on the "fair and balanced" folks at Fox News to take care of that for you.

damn do-gooders.


Blogger j.b said...

hey, don't forget that the GOP is responsible for capital punishment. that's good, right? (i actually had an argument with a Mormon Republican (as i there were any other kind of Mormon here in Utah) once where he literally said that he likes capital punishment because it "just makes you feel good." with logic like that, who needs reality?)

what about removing abortion, even in cases of rape or incest!!!, from being an option? that's a good thing the GOP is all over, right?

and, you skirt the issue, Chris, but these massive taxcuts for the super wealthy are fabulous. i don't ACTUALLY know anybody benefitting from these cuts, but there must be someone, right? i mean, we're cutting funding to the Nat'l Park System, cutting Nat'l Security Funding to NYC and DC, cutting funding to education in order to afford these cuts; so somebody must be enjoying them. that's a good thing, right?

9:54 AM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

this administration is concerned with the total dismantling of the American Govt System in favor of a privatized corpocracy run by cronies and bastards. this is where the military is heading with its private contractors, this is the stated goal of Norquist ("...govt small enough to drown in a bathtub..."), free of all regulations and constraints, free to destroy and rape and pillage, free to sell out our ecological heritage, free to decimate the education system leaving us with a populace that cannot perform critical thinking operations, free to pollute and deny, free to lie and murder and and and....

I'm making myself very angry here...

hopefully none of their daughters will be raped, hopefully none of the OTHER borders they forget about will be violated by the t-rists, hopefully they won't WANT to breathe in any clean air any time soon, hopefully their JESUS will come along in the next few weeks and CALL THEM HOME so the rest of us can get on with RIGHTING the terrible WRONGS inflicted by the corporate and political power structure in this goddamn lost country.

1:40 PM  
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