Monday, May 29, 2006

justice for all I guess...

I hadn't heard about this until tonight on The Majority Report (which isn't surprising considering the financially motivated right wing slant of the media CONGLOMERATES that "own" the news), but it sure is tragically hilarious in its ironic justice.

I mean, the Repugs do nothing except battle for the rights of Big Business in this country, they bow and scrape for their lobbyists, they play poker and nail hookers for the contacts within Industry for the Greater Good of All Powerful Capitalism, so it is a fine thing when they taste the diseased fruit of their labors.

and when their children one day cannot step outside and draw a lungful of even terribly polluted air with a few scant molecules of oxygen left in the sea of CO2, when the coastlines vanish and slip inland, when the world is a miserable place for humanity, THEY will be held to account in the historical record.

if there is anyone left to read it.


Blogger j.b said...

is there anyone left to read it now?

better question is, is there anyone left to read it WHO CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

Trent Lott. the ironic is delicious.

9:32 AM  
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