Saturday, May 27, 2006


and any time we pause and think about the misery our Dear Leader has inflicted NEEDLESSLY upon these TRUE HEROES, these fearless defenders of a Grand Idea, a Great Experiment in Democracy that has been miserably hijacked by greedy, sick evil deviants, twisted freaks oozing up from the foulest, most diseased shitpile, horrible miscarriages of humanity. it is IMPORTANT that those who REALLY CARE are supported.

I mean, jesus, that vets and their families have to DO THIS AT ALL is one of the worst, the absolute fucking worst things I can POSSIBLY IMAGINE. if you look at this administration's record in the Vet benefits department you will be sickened. I will look around and find something later.

more soon...


Blogger j.b said...

my father served 21 years in the military. he retired when i was just shy of 18 years old. he was drafted in December of '71 for the Viet Nam conflict but, luckily, was never sent over.
he stayed in the entire time because he realized he had very few options outside of the military to raise his children and support his bride.
however, now his pension is being cut, his VA benefits are being cut and he has to watch his friends and compadres (and himself) lose all the perks for which they fought and served so hard.

fuck the gov't.

2:33 PM  

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