Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011, eh?

great. good luck to us.

I took 2010 off from submitting, but I'm at it again. slowly at first, I think. we'll see how much I like it. the email/submishmash type thing is pretty good, better than all those years buying stamps and envelopes and making copies and etc., but also worse in that you lose the "effort" it takes, the dedication to the boring shit which goes along with writing/publishing. but after a while, publishing becomes a chore, so it's nice to be able to click it away into the ether. I'm sure oftentimes that ease creates a situation where folks send their stuff out so fast they've not even read it twice, but whatever; that's an editor's problem, I suppose.

there will be a new book soon, poems and artwork from the hardback edition of Sunlight by McCreesh and I, and at the first of 2012 a large collection of my poems spanning the last ten years along with a bunch of new work is scheduled to be released. more on both of these as they progress.

otherwise, we're digging out from a foot of snow and trying to keep our dogs from attacking and then eating us, purely out of boredom. the winter is quiet, and the snow is a fine crystal powder settled over dead grasses and the few remaining garden stalks are now hidden, waiting on the tractor in a few short months. the slate sky hangs motionless, clouds frozen in place, and the creek is nearly silenced with ice. it's a good time for art.

here's a recent one:

keeping our heads down

and dust
thru the
flicker of

stained glass patterns
upon the air.

someone coughs
another room.

a radio,
an honest-to-god
carries news
tragedy and crime,
and nationalistic triumph.

we’re at:



and a

of light.


Blogger Poet Hound said...

Hello Chris,
Let me know when the follow-up to Sunlight at Midnight/Darkness at Noon is out and your ten years of poems are published in their collection, just shoot me an e-mail!

12:35 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

will do paula...thanks for asking! we're really excited about the poem/artwork book, and it'll be out later this year...

the big poem book will be out sometime early 2012 and will have a good bit of fresh work in it as well...both of em should be really nice, coming from Bottle of Smoke...

take care...

2:02 AM  

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