Friday, June 11, 2010

world cup poetry #1

the last World Cup, my buddy and all around good poet, Luis C. Berriozabal put together this spread of poetry related links connected to each country as they played. as it rolls around again, LCB graciously decided to do it again. so here you go, another round of World Cup Poetry brought to you by Mr. Berriozabal.

June 11, 2010

Mexico vs South Africa @ Soccer City Stadium

The Host country, South Africa, opens up 2010 World Cup against Mexico, my native country. My allegiance is with the tri-color, Mexico, but this match will be far from easy against the speedy South African team, who have the advantage of playing at home.

South African poet, Nontsizi Mgqwetho, described herself as “fearless,” “outspoken,” and “controversial” is introduced below. The Poetry International link:




Mexican poet, Sor Juana Inés De La Cruz, (1651-1695), Latin American’s first great poet is introduced below.




June 11, 2010

Uruguay vs France @ Green Point Station

France made it to the World Cup on a controversial goal against Ireland. Thierry Henry, the French forward used his hand to set up the winning goal. The referee missed the call, which cost Ireland a spot in the world cup. Check out the You Tube clip


Uruguay hosted the first World Cup in 1930 and were the first country to win the World Cup. In 1950 Uruguay won their second World Cup, upsetting the host county, Brazil.

This match up between France a Uruguay will be difficult to predict.

French poet, Pierre Reverdy, associated with surrealism and cubism is introduced below:


Juana de Inarbourou, also known as Juana de America, is introduced below:



Stay tuned for more as the Cup progresses!

Luis C. Berriozabal


Blogger Luis said...


Thanks for posting this.

Results 06-11-2010:

Mexico 1-South Africa 1
France 0-Uruguay 0

Results 06-12-2010:

Greece 0-South Korea 2
Argentina 1-Nigeria 0
England 1-USA 1


11:47 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

hey alright the US managed a tie...pretty sweet.

1:07 AM  
Blogger H. said...

And the U.S. game winner hit the, once again, the prowess of the English side is largely overstated. That the US gave up such an early goal & didn't implode shows some character. The U.S. goal--a real howler, no doubt. But any real team with 50min left just sacks up & gets another goal. It seems it was the English that folded in this match.

Of course, because ALL our soccer info comes via the bottleneck of English-speaking media abroad (read as: the Brits), you might not hear that anywhere else...and the delusional bias will persist.

12:55 AM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LCB!

thanks for the links baby!

11:53 AM  

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