Thursday, November 19, 2009

fuck you, corporate politicians...

did you know that without insurance, an MRI will run a person around $1200? I read that in a report about such things.

then a person will know what, if anything, is wrong. the price of the test is also an indicator of how it will be too fucking expensive to fix the problem, if there is one.

universal single payer. medicare for all. I mean, it wasn't ever even "on the table." you motherfuckers with your cop-out legislation can cram it up your fat soft well-taken-care-of asses.

but in the meantime, lots of americans will die needlessly.

way to go, america.


Blogger j.b said...

" the meantime, lots of americans will die needlessly."

it's the American way, Chris. with needless death and misery, how are we to judge our own happiness? what's the point of being rich, fortunate, and healthy if everyone else can go into a doctor's office and get treatment?

oh, and i also read that somewhere near 80% of those who go bankrupt due to medical expenses are insured. the system is fucking broke and it needs to be fixed. we spend more on healthcare than any country and are only the 43rd best as far as health. behind Malawi.


9:54 AM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

well, it seems like to a large degree these days the american way is to shit in our own bed, roll around in it, get good and stinky, and then insist that we're NOT covered in our own shit, and, in fact, are covered in gold dust and rainbows that smell like honeysuckle.

fortunately we have politicians who are deeply in the pocket of Big Shit Sandwich, so we can be sure we'll all get a taste, no matter our political leanings...

good times. at least the credit card companies are on our side...

1:38 AM  
Blogger Father Luke said...

It gets worse than that. The Fire Departments, and the Police forces are failing, too.

So, not only are we getting sick, but we are being robbed blind, and our security is weakening. Tell me it isn't.

I used to look askance at people who were against civilization - - at any cost - - people like Derrick Jensen (google him).

To say that the medical care in this country is rotten has, unfortunately become cliché.

My comment has become a blog. I'll shut up.

- -
Father Luke

7:18 PM  

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