Saturday, April 18, 2009

attention, pt. 2

changed my mind.

I'm not gonna waste my time deleting the deliberately off topic comments and moderating shit from trolls or friends or whomever, if you wanna talk to me, email me.

if you wanna talk to someone else, email them.

I have things to write and whatnot, and frankly, nobody can help with that, especially not with a comment, positive, negative, purposefully obtuse, willfully ignorant, joyful, gleeful, angry or otherwise.

enjoy your stay at the new, comment free UPRIGHT.

update 5/7: changed my mind again. I just realized, while searching for a link back in the archives from 2007, this method strips all the OLD comments away from the blog, all the way back to the beginning, and that's where a lot of good shit happened in the past, so I'm instead going to moderate comments at my leisure.


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