Monday, November 26, 2007

mmmmmm, turkey...

I am thankful for: being a vegetarian. and for the wonder of childhood toys.

at least in American locally-grown organic produce, you just get the flavor, nutrition and health benefits of real live food, with the added bonus of actually getting to know the person who grew everything you eat. not nearly as many lead pellets or date rape drugs. seriously, the best bread in the world comes from our local OG market, made by hand, from Magnolia Bread Company here in GA. you can't eat any other bread once you've had some. it's really that simple. we buy almost all of our food, for less overall money, at that market. cyn is actually learning the ancient art of canning so that next summer we'll have all that good stuff for the winter too. hell, there are farmers at the market who sell pork, beef, eggs, all local, all well-taken care of and all OUTSIDE the global food industry.

jesus, have you had a tomato in the summertime from a local farmer that made you weep? I have. beats the shit out of those red globes from mexico or china with their grey insides and mealy, nothing taste. the food industry in this country is riddled with lies and cronyism and poison and death. we keep our money here in Georgia, supporting the real folks who grew our food, and the community thrives to the exclusion of the pesticide, drug laden produce and products from countries with absolutely NO interest in OUR people other than as consumers/dollar bills. there is a reason this shit is produced over there (and in south america/mexico/etc.) and it is to avoid the controls that ostensibly protect us. the only way to be sure is to be able to ask a question of the farmer himself, the bread baker, the butcher, and so on, to be able to learn their name and they yours. for there to be real accountability in the form of a face and name and saturday morning greeting. how much more Chinese trash are we willing to eat here in America, just because it's cheap (which is a fucking illusion anyway, because the real cost isn't figured into what we pay)?

even Hank Hill gets it (watch the episode "Raise The Steaks;" funny and true, even down to his idiot friends and the uninformed "hippies". in the end, it is Hank and a die-hard hippie who team up. this is about truth, not labels, people. not red or blue, not left or right, this is about survival and community as well as keeping horrible places like China from controlling our health from afar to save a few illusory pennies. it's always interesting to me to see how folks are sold a bill of turds via the 'divide and conquer' gambit currently being employed by the facist corpocracy that runs our country and world. in the end, the ranchers and the environmentalists will be forced to team up, and are, because they both want the same thing: clean water, good land for their livestock, clean air to breathe, rich soil, and a country owned by its people, not global corporations with no interest in anything but the bottom line. let the situation be the boss folks, and use your fucking brains; don't buy sterotypes, don't buy uninformed supposition, don't trust opinion without research, don't blindly purchase the easy, cheap product, and don't listen to me: do the fucking research yourself and make informed decisions).

well, at least they aren't even bothering to recall those 70 million poisoned turkeys. you probably didn't eat one anyway.



Blogger Poet Hound said...

Have you ever had a garden of vegetables? My Mom has the greenest thumb when it comes to tomatoes and peppers. I have yet to find any restaurant, high-class or low-class, that can top her home grown tomatoes. Like you said, you just can't beat true local freshness. I would have a garden, but my husband and I have a small apartment instead and can only grow one small plant at a time. We had basil, but now it's aloe. Farmers Markets: Rock on!

9:18 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

thanks for visiting.

no, we've not yet tried, but we are planning on it for next year. that is the best way to have the deliciousness AND save the most money: grow those tomatoes and peppers yourself, right?

at the midweek organic market tonght we bought five loaves of that bread (roasted garlic, sourdough and cin. raison) and have em in the freezer for the week, and some bright red late season tomatoes and lettuces, plus local organic eggs and raw organic peanuts that we'll boil up and eat hot with lots of salt...

good stuff indeed...

10:30 PM  

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