Saturday, April 07, 2007


the new issue of Laura Hird is live, and I've a showcase in it along with many good writers including Spiel and Alan Catlin.

head over there and give a read if you like (a couple of these poems appear in forthcoming print mags, but I consider this online appearance like an electronic "mini-chap," and frankly, I don't know what it means for something to appear on the intertubes, so I'd like to thank the editors of those fine mags, Quercus Review and The Quirk, both of which deserve your support, as well as David at sunnyoutside).

also in this issue, I've a piece on one of my favorite bits of music, Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain in the section The Devil Has All The Best Tunes as well as many other good pieces, like this one by Rob Plath and this great piece on Pink Floyd. it's really great how she's got it set up, with a video of the tune so you can listen while you read, and all the extra info on the artist.

she is a tireless worker and the small press thanks her.

check it out.


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