Thursday, November 16, 2006

credit card bullshit...

this is the Capitalist world we live in, where "free markets" dictate our lives, where corporations are "persons" and where the system is gamed by the companies who become politicians who become CEOs:

TWICE we've paid our credit card bill by electronic wire transfer because the due date was two days away and we knew our mail payment wouldn't arrive. the transfer takes ten minutes. but here's the thing that isn't listed anywhere in your plan: they have to accept the payment for it to credit to your account. and they choose to wait as long as possible to do this in order to charge you a late fee. they waited TWO DAYS both times to accept a payment that cost us ten bucks to make, and moved across the bank lines at the speed of light, literally. and were COMPLETELY intractable when confronted.

is this the kind of world we've built? where the gatekeepers on the phone are smug and gloating at the evil they're doing? where an hourly wage slave for a usurious behemoth is pleased that even though YOU PAID ON THE FOURTH, and the bill wasn't due until the sixth, they didn't accept the payment until the seventh. and tough shit for us.

sure, capitalism. where the rules of REALITY don't apply. they don't tell you it takes two days for them to saunter over to the keyboard and hit YES, the reality is it takes ten minutes, and folks think that is how it should work.

I'm so mad I could freak out. I can't even compose this post right. I can send a fucking letter to goddamn CALIFORNIA and it gets there in TWO DAYS. and any of you capitalist assholes out there who'll say, "well, don't be late. or don't use your credit card. it's THEIR card..." I say BULLSHIT: I wasn't late AND I paid EXTRA to insure that I was ON TIME according to their stated terms; this shell game isn't listed anywhere in there, it's a JOKE of a LIE that it takes that long, they CHOOSE to take that long so they can CHARGE their fucking fee, and they don't tell you about it. we paid EARLY and still got charged because of THEM, not us.

just venting. there is nothing for it but to elect politicians who DO NOT suck the credit card industry wang, who DO NOT support forty dollar late fees based on a cheat, who DO NOT think that a billion dollar corporation is the same as a human being, who DO think that the illusion of corporate personage should be revoked immediately, who DO think that quality of life includes not being taken for a ride by lobbyist fueled, corrupt politicians who come out of the very industry they are now charged with regulating and who DO support campaign finance reform, election reform, interest rate reform, and who understand clearly that it is We the People who have rights under our constitution, NOT huge international corporations that pay little to no taxes here and have no loyalty to any nation whatsoever.


Blogger Luis said...


i know your beef and this has happened to me as well. i hate these fucking companies. i just had to make a payment where i owed 1.29 (in person, the day before it was due). if they don't credit my account, i'll have a $30.00 late fee. higher than what i owe: the bastards.

11:41 PM  
Blogger Partisanpoet said...

The capitalist parasites have to go and there isn't anyone we can elect to make that happen. We have to make it happen.

And we will.

5:32 PM  
Blogger Kat said...


Oh, boy! Do I understand this one. In a different way, we've experienced the same thing. And here's a glitch in the system that sent us reeling! We signed up to pay our mortgage online and they took FOUR payments at once wiping out our entire bank account and then some. The person at the mortgage company we contacted said they couldn't help us! Thank Someone that the bank was able to freeze our account so they couldn't suck anymore money out but holy crap! That was a bad situation. The best part, the funniest thing we'd ever heard was when the mortgage woman said, "When would you like to resume online payments?" after this was cleared up! HAHHAHAH....NEVER!

Just thought I'd share that with you. If it makes no sense, it's because, as usual I am very rushed. Sending good vibes your way!


9:00 AM  

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