Tuesday, September 12, 2006

some lit shiz...

greetings, all. things have been crazy busy with the Guerilla Poetics Project, and we've only just begun. there is quite a bit of so-called "buzz" in the small press, with mentions appearing in a number of places and we're but a month old. there have been discussions of interviews, ad space, press releases, and much more. soon, there will be a Guerilla Poetics Project Reader available which will feature selected poems from Core Members, and all proceeds from its sale will go to further the GPP cause. we are "money where your mouth is" poets here, and we like to get things done. so head over to the website or the blog and sign up, donate your time, energy and MONEY to the cause. art is a dying animal in this modern world and we are its fucking life support, kids.

on the home front, I've had poems taken by Words Dance for their print issue, and by Pearl...hmmm, others, but my desk is a fucking shitpile and I can't find anything right now...looking....oh, this, from The Iconoclast is damn good:

Thru the Heart of This Animal Life, A Measure of Impossible Humor

Christopher Cunningham

everyone is someone else's mark

In a few short years, Mr. Cunningham has produced a body of work that should be the envy of those establishment small press names we grew tired of a long time ago. Not only the poems, but the production values are fresh, with the poet taking a hand in making each of his chapbooks special. If nothing else, Mr. Cunningham is the champion of common (or uncommon) dignity - those left among us who haven't yet been swept away by Jesus or Nascar - who work with their hands - who know their dreams ended on Day 1 but manage to survive, if not always gracefully, then with a kind of madness that would be the envy of a division of pill poppers.

[First Prize Winner 2005 Nerve Cowboy Chapbook Contest]

money is invigorating:
when you have it,
you are somebody.
when you don't,
you can only afford

-- from crossroads

($6, 44pp, Liquid Paper Press, PO Box 4973, Austin, TX 78765)

makes you wanna run out and buy it, right? well, you can and you can support the Guerilla Poetics Project while you're at it. go here and purchase the book, plus other great works, and every dime goes to fund the Project and its efforts to spread the dementia of the greatest writers in the small press to the culture at large.

do it.

more later...


Blogger H. said...

That's a fine review man. & I've thought exactly that for a goodly long while now. Now quit farting around & write a truly immortal poem!

8:14 PM  

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