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Blogger Father Luke said...

The way I read it, Chief, aside
from the broader implications of
the specifics of the memo, which
I've also read, I see the penalties
of refusing to speak power to
truth. In the end, the results
of blind obedience are an ugly
mess which is an experience akin to
saving someone from drowning. Be
sure to place something, anything,
between yourself and the person
drowning so you aren't killed while
trying to save them.

Kow-towing to the President, as Yoo
did, is a misuse of that office
which was established of the
People, by the People... In his
unthinking obedience to Power, Yoo
has done himself, and those he
served, a dishonor, and harmed
countless generations of others.

This has been a dark time for
America. Surely not quite so dark
as Nuremberg was for Germany, but
we've come || <- - that close, and
time holds places for those who
follow blindly.

The world has grown weary of
the: "I was just following orders"
mentality of the sheep in wolves'
clothing, those who have hidden
throughout history, masquerading as
heroes in this world, looking for a
gang-fuck to participate in because
they are too stupid to find a
purpose of their own. Thugs,
rapists, con artists, and sadists
all of them.

That very same world looks, to
those issuing those orders, and
wakes them from those nightmares
of theirs which have been
disturbing the rest of us.

Night tremors are one thing,
man, but you're waking the baby.

- -
Father Luke

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