Sunday, March 16, 2008

please, people, get some rest...

from an email:

"I have needed a nap, just one goddamned nap, since Monday--& do you think I could get one? This is why people lose their minds & go shoot up their offices. For decades they aren't allowed a nap when they need it, some time to get a tooth drilled, just one goddamned afternoon to drink beer in the sun...finally the brain snaps, & after decades of suppression, it snaps too much. We need to feed these little demons of ours, not repress them...give them a little time in the light...indulge them in spurts, so they'll be sated & go back to sleep. But you tell them "no" for 20 years & you'll end up eating a nice god-fearing family of 5 & Fox News will call you a monster...& you'll be interviewed & all you'll be able to say is "All I wanted was a nap, a man should be able to have a nap if he needs one..." & they'll cut back to the interviewer who'll shake his head & say "...a cold, unfeeling's Sally with the weather..." & who's the monster then?"

- Hosho McCreesh


Blogger j.b said...

who's the monster indeed.

i've felt for years that a very large percentage of these "psychopathic monsters" out there are normal people, like you and me and everyone else, but who've just come up against something larger than themselves: got stuck in a shitty job, knocked up and married a domineering woman, prevented from taking a nap.

what evil lurks just below the surface of us all?

9:58 AM  
Blogger Poet Hound said...

Thanks for the laughs with that e-mail excerpt! Why is our country so dumb about the idea of the afternoon nap? Other countries get long lunches and afternoon naps, why can't we?

10:23 PM  
Blogger j.b said...

how timely that an episode of 60 Minutes last Sunday talked about research detailing just this: the "macho" American tendency towards less sleep. sleep is as necessary as food. people die after 5 dies of no sleep. same with food. we eat 3 times a day (more if you're like me) and sleep only 5-6 hours?

take a nap, Hosho...i'll hold down the fort for a few...

9:19 AM  
Blogger Father Luke said...

Sleep dep is a wicked ugly thing.

Sometimes sleep is not an option.
I know. Really. I know...

Driving a truck three hours over
the federal limit, looking for a
place to park at a truck stop
without any parking, living with
precious little sleep.

Sleep dep is wicked bad.
I know. Believe me, I know.

Had I ever thought to write about it?

One of the tasks a writer has
before them is to capture a moment
in those places we all visit, and
hold that moment forth and say:

See here? I've been here, This is
what it was like.

Hosho McCreesh does that.
He does it wicked cool.

Great letter.

- -
Father Luke

2:34 PM  

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