Tuesday, February 19, 2008


eat more industrial beef.

I know; locally produced organic food is just silly hippie bullshit. at our local market you can get beef and pork from the farmer who raised em, and you can learn exactly how what you eat lived its life.

anyway, there's no mad cow disease here in the Best Country in The World, our non-crony, non-corporate linked government regulatory agencies say so.

silly hippie shit, I know.

at least being in Congress, etc. isn't some kind of money con.


Blogger Father Luke said...

I don't believe it's silly hippie shit. Not at all.

Of course the irony is not lost on
me, and being a vegetarian, and a
farm boy who has grown what I eat,
and eaten what I've killed, the
next step is learning how animals
are in this closed system with us.
In the system which includes the
weak, the feeble, the old, and even
(yes) The Republicans.

It was a Republican who is attributed with the quote:

"The best way to destroy your enemy
is to make them your friend."
-A. Lincoln

Of course if that won't work, there
are other options.

- -
Father Luke

1:57 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

yep, that's really the trick: learning how to coexist with savages and animals of every stripe.

or employing those "other options", depending upon the Situation...

7:30 PM  

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