Friday, January 25, 2008

good music to buy...

it's very exciting to see your friends doing well, and my buddies Tommy and Mathis (and Jason and Herb too) in The Selmanaires are kicking ass. their new album The Air Salesmen just got reviewed in Spin Magazine this month, and was properly revered for the dandy bit of musicmaking that it is. they're all over the place here in Atlanta, and soon, worldwide. you can buy it (along with the new offering from Anna Kramer & Lost Cause, another fine local group here in ATl) HERE.

check out Broken Mirrors, one of my favorites from the new album:

they'll be playing on Saturday night here in Atl at The Earl along with Mathis' other band Noot d'Noot (who I did end up jamming with a couple of weeks ago; the rust on my fingers was heavy, but apparently I didn't suck too badly, which is nice. this little beauty made things extra freaky. Mathis tells me there's a recording of it...).


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