Saturday, July 01, 2006

we can neither confirm nor deny...


or this (and any large gatherings of Communista French-loving poets are on the list too. you can bet on it. if there were a list. which we will neither confirm nor deny).

but especially, we won't confirm nor deny this, even though it is on a D.O.D. site (seems like a bit of French-loving treason to this agent, posting Our State Secrets for the Godless Minions of Global Freedom Hatred like that...)(and since they are watching, HELLO BOSS RUMSFELD!).

oh, and your dog Rufus wants outstde, Mr. Dot Barrett (courtesy of Agent Frimp).

end transmission


Blogger j.b said...

they are out there.
they are everywhere.

and we are they.

oh, and thanks for the tip, Frimp. Rufus thanks you, too. his bladder was full and it much need of relief.

2:24 PM  

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