Sunday, July 16, 2006

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drinking a 2002 Chateau L'Haut Beausejour, a solid smoky earth tinged deep ruby Bordeaux, layers of dry black fruit, some leather, perfect finish. it is my current favorite "everyday drinking" wine. the prices for Bordeaux wines are STUPID for the most part, there is a 1982 at the store where I buy my wine that is $260 (which isn't crazy, if you can believe it...), and the difference in a $10 bottle and a $60 bottle is dramatic. the 2002 I'm digging runs around $20. check it out, if you like serious wine, avoid it if you like big fruity hippie California wines. it's the terroir, folks (if you've not seen the movie I linked to, you should definitely check it out).

reading some of the mags I've been sent recently, some pretty good stuff out there. my contributor's copy of remark. had some good work from William Taylor Jr., Brian McGettrick, a dandy poem by George Anderson, Koweski, the poem "snobs" by Pransky.

my contrib. copy of Pearl arrived, and I swear, this mag gets better each time, the Lady Editors always make astute selections from 'big' and 'small' names alike, and a couple of the poems are great: the poem "after a call at six a.m saying my mother, terminal for months, has died" by Charles Harper Webb is a very moving rumination on the course of a daily routine after such a call, heavy and emotional and quite raw; Curt Last and his poem "the mad dogs of rarotonga," with the lines "I learn to carry stones and lift them/as a threat that these mongrels understand..." is a beast; solid work by Voss, Locklin, Runfola, Robin Merrill, many many more, well worth the measly ten buck cover price.

got the latest Blue Collar Review, edited by our good friend The Jaded Prole, with good work by baloian, Schneider, John Grey, Robert Cooperman, others; this mag is the only one out there that is expressly about the working class to which we all belong. its poems are filled with raw life, and the hope we strive to maintain. get a copy. support the small press.

got C. Allen Rearick's joint venture chapbook From Cali to Cleve., it's a strong read, with poems that swing at you with lines like "..truth is a bastard born of misfortune..." and "the slow burn from a lit match/and the obtuse smell of sulfur/circle the sky's mauve smile..." - good stuff, pick one up if you get the chance.

I've finished my final proof of my new Bottle of Smoke Press book And Still The Night Left To Go, and Bill says within a few weeks the motherfucker is gonna be sold out, so get your copy while you can, good supporters of barely literate poet/blogger/miscreants. don't bother me because you were too drunk to find the paypal button at BoSP.

okay. it's late and I've a pizza to eat, and one more glass of that good French wine to imbibe. more later, including an edition of Cynthia's Fragile Beauty.


Blogger j.b said...

you dropped some great, heavy names in the smalls. good stuff. some favorites among those include Voss, Locklin, Koweski, Grey. The inimitable Mr. Taylor, Jr. has always been strong; always a good read.

good stuff.
and i'm gonna see if Utah State Liquor/Wine Stores carry that wine. if not, i'm SOL as i can't get it shipped to me and there's no ability to request a wine. FINGERS CROSSED.

2:38 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

lemme know. I certainly wouldn't violate state law by sending a bottle of wine to you if you can't get it there in Mormontown. <---HMMMMMMM....

3:00 PM  
Blogger Luis said...

You might have to send Frimp a little something as well just so he doesn't rat you out: & that other bastard, Tommy, who's gone mad, losing all his NSA monies, playing in a bathtub with paperboats somewhere in Georgia...

3:52 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

nope frimp can get his own, and I hear from "JesusFish" (the NSA commander) that Tommy drowned in that bathtub shortly after his devastating World Cup financial defeat. sad, and I await my new agent.

(maybe I'm free? hilarious...)

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tommy, NSA here:

wrong. I've been working on a poetry chapbook called "Bird Across Field In Autumn, Love Turning Green: Kicking The Shit Out Of The Islamohomomexihippiefascists."

end transmission

1:49 AM  
Blogger c. allen rearick said...

i dig wine, but don't know too much aboot it. i'm more of a beer "snob" you can say.

2:32 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

CAR: you have high gravity beers in OHIO? man, some of these Imperial Pale Ales are the most delicious beers I've had, strong, flavorful...

but my all time favorite is Sammy Smith's Oatmeal Stout in the fat bottle.

I'd strangle a puppy on a sunday in church just to taste one.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous MOM C said...

Have you ever had Yuengling Beer, I think that's how you spell it? I tasted a Light one and even I could drink that and I don't care for beer. A friend is driving out of the state to find it.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Karl Koweski said...

don't talk to me of beers.
I live in a dry county.
Seventy something years after prohibition is repealed, I still can't legally buy a simple bottle of lager where I live. I have to drive twenty miles down a mountain dodging Dodge Neon sized potholes and hawk eyed officers of the law raring to jail DUIers just to get a taste of the hops. That said... oatmeal stout sounds pretty good.

5:13 PM  
Blogger christopher cunningham said...

ugh, Karl that is AWFUL. the south is a miserable hypocritical place, full of such doublestandard religiosity. and I am WELL FAMILIAR with your mirrored shade wearing rural county peace officers waiting for 36 in a 35...

the fucking bastards.

**raises a glass of Butte Creek Organic Imperial Pale Ale from CA to Koweski and his miserable state of affairs (ALABAM - you got the world on your shoulders...N.Young)**

7:29 PM  
Blogger Luis said...


Hey, how are you man? No beer in Alabama? Dig your story on Laura
Hird dot com. (Raising a can of
Tecate with some lime & salt to
Dry Country).

(Alabama Whiskey Song playing)

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:47 PM  
Blogger Luis said...


9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:04 AM  

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